Cancellation Policy

Back to You Physical Therapy requires 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

We understand that you may sometimes need to reschedule appointments. When we schedule your appointment, please understand we are reserving time for you to see a provider. We respect your time and ask that you respect our cancellation policy by kindly providing 24-hour advanced notice if you cannot make it. This allows us to reassign your appointment reservation to someone else who needs our assistance.

Patients who late cancel or no show will be automatically charged a fee for the missed appointment. Our therapists are paid by insurance for time spent treating patients; insurance does not pay for missed appointments or late arrivals.

Illnesses and emergencies are addressed on an individual basis. Please contact our office administrator if you have any questions.


If you late cancel or no show, a $50 fee will be automatically charged to your card or collected at your next appointment.

If you late cancel or no show an initial first visit evaluation, a $75 fee will be automatically charged to your card. If left unpaid, a bill will be mailed to you. The fee must be satisfied in order to resume treatment following a late cancel or no show. If you refuse to pay the fee, we reserve the right to turn your care back to your referring physician.


Late Cancellation – Appointment is cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment.

No Show – Patient cancels within 2 hours of appointment or does not show up for scheduled appointment.

Late Arrival – Patient arrives more than 10 minutes late.

Attendance Policy Your success in physical therapy depends on your attendance and accountability. If you miss too many appointments or continually show up late, you will be removed from the therapy schedule until you are able to commit to the treatment process. Reasons for removal from the schedule include:

• Excessive late cancellations • No shows (after 2nd incident) • Repeated late arrivals (more than 10 minutes late)

Cancelling? Please call the office at least 24 hours in advance (Monday appts need to be cancelled by Friday, unless due to illness). DO NOT email your therapist to change or cancel an appointment. The office administrator handles all scheduling.