Dr. A.J. Petrone

Back to You Rehab - Dr. A.J. Petrone - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Petrone was raised in Hazleton, Pennsylvania which is in the Northeastern portion of the state. (Yes, near Scranton, Pennsylvania and yes, he loves The Office!) Most of his life growing up revolved around sports. From the age of 8-18 he spent much of his time at school and on the high school football field as his father was the head football coach of the high school for 10 years. He enjoyed playing baseball, football, and basketball. In high school, he stuck with two sports (baseball and football) in which he excelled at for 4 years. 

After his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player (specifically second basemen for the New York Yankees) were cut short, Dr. Petrone attended Pennsylvania State University. Here, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology Movement Science and was accepted to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida. 

After graduating from Chiropractic School in 2017, Dr. Petrone headed West to work in a private practice in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Petrone also worked as an attending physician in Delray Beach for 4 years. Here he specialized in treating active families, athletes, auto accident, pre and post-natal, infants, children, toddlers, and senior citizens. 

Recently, Dr. Petrone and his family moved to Port St. Lucie to plant his roots and help start Back to You Wellness. In his spare time, he loves to take his family to the beach, golf, exercise, and travel. 

Dr. Petrone took multiple Active Release Technique (ART) courses, is a certified Rock Tape Provider, and is certified in FAKTR. He uses soft tissue work as a tool in his practice. He is also certified in Dr. Charrette’s Spinal, Rib, TMJ, and Extremity Technique which makes him one of the unique chiropractors today that has this certification. 

As a chiropractor, Dr. Petrone has treated patients aged 1 day old to 99 years old. He uses a variety of techniques to find and treat the cause of your problem. Dr. Petrone has had experience with high school, collegiate athletes, and professional athletes. Whether they have injuries or want to be treated before a big game, Dr. Petrone is the man for the job. His experience also extends to helping pregnant mothers throughout each trimester with chiropractic care resulting in happy moms, dads, and babies! 

Overall, Dr. Petrone is a team player. He believes in working with other healthcare providers to bring your well-being up to its fullest potential! Dr. Petrone puts his patients on the right care plan to give them the best chance at correcting their problem in the least amount of time possible.