Erica Gould, PT

I graduated in 1999 from St Jude college in Manila with a Bachelors in Physical Therapy. I moved to California to be near friends and family. I was immediately immersed in the busy clinic life working with orthopedic patients. I also did acute care on the weekends.

You know how they say everything happens for a reason, well this is what happened next.

I discovered a lump in my breast when I was just 25 yrs old. I was terrified! So I started searching online for anything and everything about breast cancer. I saw multiple articles talking about how physical therapists can help patients with breast cancer with post radiation, chemotherapy problems likes pain and lymphedema. Thankfully the bump in my breast was just a fibrotic cyst.

I remained curious about physical therapy and breast cancer so when I was due to take my continuing education courses needed for licensure, I decided to take a Norton lymphedema certification course. That’s when my passion for cancer rehab started. I became determined to help this delicate patient population. I sought advanced clinical training at the Foeldi clinic in Hintenrzarten Germany. The Foeldi clinic is the leader in lymphedema treatment with an inpatient hospital stay for 4 weeks with intensive all inclusive treatments with an interdisciplinary team compromised of in-house oncologist, radiologist, orthopedist, acupuncturist, dietitian, yoga instructors, pharmacist and physical therapist.

In 2008 I became board certified by the Lymphedema Association of Northern America (LANA).  2008  is also the year Florida became my new home. I pioneered the integration of lymphedema therapy at the 2 Martin Memorial wound centers and become board certified in wound care by the National Alliance of Wound care and Ostomy.

After giving birth to my son I immediately developed tailbone pain. A debilitating pain which was aggravated by prolonged sitting and laying flat on her back. After 3 months of pain I  tried returning to yoga and was amazed on how just after 3 weeks my tailbone pain was gone. I can sit and lay flat pain free.  This lead me to dive head first into Herman and Wallace pelvic health postgraduate education.

I was shocked to discover there were only a handful of therapists in the treasure coast that treat this under-served population of women, men and children.

This lead me to open my own clinic specializing in my 2 passions: pelvic health and lymphedema rehabilitation.