Osteopractor Adjustments

Osteopractor adjustments are effective for providing significant and instantaneous relief. At Back To You, we utilize an effective and unique approach for adjustments that provide lasting results for patients. With our methods, patients receive the relief they desire most while getting back to optimal health.

Our Methods For Lasting Results

Before we begin an adjustment, our osteopractor performs a differential diagnosis to help uncover any muscle imbalances or hidden injuries within a patient. Once we differentiate a source of pain, we are able to perform manual manipulation and help correct any misalignment throughout the body.

Using gentle force, our clinicians apply manual pressure to the affected area and release pressure, resulting in an audible popping noise. This helps to relieve any muscle spasms or other forms of discomfort that may have caused your motion to be limited.

At Back To You, our multifaceted approach not only provides instantaneous relief but reinforces the adjustments so they stick. We’ll help you ease any source of discomfort and re-educate your muscles so you begin to heal properly.

Promote your overall health with osteopractor adjustments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.