Cognitive Communication

Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Cognitive-communication disorders affect many aspects of your life in a variety of ways and can make activities of daily living much more challenging. At Back To You, our speech-language pathologists help patients improve their intelligibility and use of language following a stroke, tumor, brain injury, or another medical occurrence.

Cognitive-communication disorders can potentially affect several communicative areas including:

  • Social Communication
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Reasoning
  • Awareness
  • And More

During your first visit, our clinicians perform an assessment which includes the use of standardized testing, informal evaluations, and an interview to determine your needs. Once our speech therapists identify your strengths and weaknesses, they develop an effective treatment plan that is patient-specific.

Back To You provides the utmost care and support for every patient. Our speech therapy treatments provide functional outcomes for individuals with cognitive-communication disorders, helping them return to the activities they know and love. Contact our experts today to schedule your appointment.