Physical therapy patient education is more than just checking off a box, it is ensuring every individual is receptive to their condition and their treatment plan. At Back To You, we provide more to our patients than just physical therapy. We educate them fully on their condition so they can self-manage their symptoms and continue their recovery inside and outside our clinic.

Why Is Physical Therapy Patient Education Important?

When it comes to recovery, there is great evidence behind patient education. When patients feel their clinician has taken time to properly educate them on their condition, they tend to respond better and feel heard.

From our experience, our priority to educate our patients has led to:

  • Eased apprehension
  • Trustworthy therapy environments
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • And more

Patient education is an effective psychosocial approach to physical therapy. Our methods help the brain and body to develop more of a connection, ensuring patients recover more efficiently and properly.

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