Foot Pain Relief

Foot pain can bring everyday activities to a sudden halt. Whether you stand on your feet all day at work or simply enjoy staying active, foot physical therapy is a highly effective solution for easing pain. From plantar fasciitis and tendonitis to everything in between, we help resolve a number of foot and ankle issues.

At Back To You, we work with patients of every age to overcome pain, differentiating their source of discomfort to determine the best treatment methods for their needs and goals. We offer a wide variety of solutions for foot pain relief including:

These treatments are also beneficial for postoperative rehabilitation, helping you to maximize your outcome from surgery and get you standing on pain-free feet again. From motion to function, we’ll monitor your progress before, during, and after treatment, so you can reclaim the activities you love.

Begin your journey towards recovery with our numerous and effective treatments for foot pain relief. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.