Language Disorders

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a language disorder, there is clinical evidence proving the treatment provided by speech-language pathologists is highly beneficial to teach and enhance everyday communication. At Back To You, our team is certified and trained to help every patient develop a treatment plan that is specific to their needs, setting them up for success.

How Does Speech Therapy Improve Language Disorders?

There are two types of language disorders:

1. Expressive Language Disorders: This type revolves around verbal output. This includes factors such as semantics, syntax, morphology, phonology, and pragmatics. This type also involves one’s ability to express their wants and needs through both verbal and nonverbal communication.

2. Receptive Language Disorders: Also known as auditory comprehension, this type revolves around the input of language. This means a patient is struggling to understand and comprehend what is being communicated or read to them.

Speech therapy is highly effective for improving receptive language skills in both children and adults. At Back To You, our speech-language pathologists perform an assessment to determine an individual’s area of language weakness, developing a treatment plan that is specific to their needs.

With our methods for speech therapy, our clinicians will help you improve your attention and concentration, vocabulary, understanding of grammar, comprehension strategies, and more. Improve your expressive language today- contact us to schedule your appointment.