At Back To You, we take great pride in our ability to provide every patient with a form of massage therapy tailored to their unique needs. Petrissage massage therapy is the foundation of a Swedish massage, utilizing hands-on manipulation techniques to stretch and loosen muscle fibers.

Techniques Used In Petrissage

Petrissage massage therapy is an effective technique involving kneading movements to target deep tissue layers, promoting blood circulation, increased range of motion, improved muscle tone, and more. To help ensure our patients are relaxed and receive the best results, our massage therapists adjust the amount of pressure based on the pain tolerance and needs of an individual.

The effective techniques used in petrissage can help break down adhesions or scar tissue that may have occurred following an injury or surgical treatment. This form of massage can also help patients treat delayed onset muscle soreness, relieve tension, and improve overall recovery from a recent injury.

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