Soft Tissue Mobilization

When soft tissue is contracted or tense, it can limit your ability to move at full capacity. Whether you are experiencing muscle weakness, tension, or pain in your body, soft tissue mobilization can help get you up and moving efficiently again. At Back To You, we utilize soft tissue mobilization therapy to help loosen up the skin and detone the muscle, providing relaxing effects to every patient.

What Is Soft Tissue Mobilization Therapy?

Soft tissue mobilization is the bread and butter of massage. Using manual techniques for deep and soft tissue massage, we effectively break up any adhesions found in your muscles, fascia, or ligaments. To determine the best course of action for every patient, we differentiate your source of discomfort layer by layer, so you can rest assured our approach to soft tissue mobilization therapy is specific to your needs.

Reduce restriction and re-educate your muscles with our methods for hands-on therapy. Contact us to schedule your appointment for soft tissue mobilization therapy today!