Spinal Manipulation

What is spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation involves manual techniques designed to relieve joint pressure, restore spinal alignment, and take pressure off spinal nerves. In the process, you get relief from your pain and you support your body’s natural healing ability.

There are many different spinal manipulation techniques. These are only a few of the methods used at Back To You Osteopractic Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation: 

Diversified technique  

This is one of the most common manual techniques for restoring spinal movement. Your provider positions your body in a specific way, then uses their hand to apply a short (low-amplitude), quick (high-velocity) push over the vertebral joint.

Your provider carefully treats one joint at a time to ensure optimal results. In many cases, you hear an audible pop as pressure releases in the area. 

Spinal mobilization

Spinal mobilization is a gentle (low-force) technique. You may have a back condition that needs a gentle touch or it may be the best approach for your comfort, body size, and preferences. 

There are several spinal mobilization techniques. For example, your provider may gently stretch your spine or use a spring-loaded manual tool to provide the force instead of their hand. 

Upper cervical adjustment

Upper cervical adjustments use different techniques to restore health to the upper vertebrae in your neck that support your head. 

What conditions benefit from spinal manipulation?

Spinal manipulation is most often used to treat chronic low back pain, but improving the health of your spine has a body-wide impact that relieves pain caused by many symptoms. Additionally, spinal manipulation in your neck frequently eases face, jaw, and head pain.

Conditions that improve with spinal manipulation include:

  • Spinal arthritis
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder pain
  • Migraines and headaches

 Spinal manipulation often relieves your pain well enough that you can avoid spinal surgery and stay off addictive pain medications. 

What should I expect during spinal manipulation?

Before performing spinal manipulation, your provider does a thorough evaluation. In addition to reviewing your medical history and symptoms, they complete a physical and neurological exam and evaluate your posture, strength, and balance. In some cases, they may order diagnostic imaging.

After determining the root cause of your problem, and talking with you about your preferences, they recommend a type of spinal manipulation.

Don’t keep struggling with back pain or headaches. Call Back To You Osteopractic Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation or book an appointment online today to learn how spinal manipulation can improve your pain.