Work Hardening

What is work hardening?

Work hardening is a program that helps you to get back to work after an injury. If you completed a physical therapy program but still can’t return to work due to poor physical strength, lack of endurance, or other demands of the job, work hardening therapy can help you get back on the job. 

Work hardening therapy is a high-level type of physical therapy that’s customized and focused on your individual needs and goals. It identifies any remaining issues after completing physical therapy and helps you to overcome those problems efficiently.

What happens during work hardening therapy?

Work hardening sessions simulate your work environment in a therapy room at Back To Your Osteopractic Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. During your sessions, you’ll perform tasks typically required at your job, such as lifting, pulling, and moving objects around, using safe and effective methods. 

You’ll start with low-weight objects and gradually increase in weight until you can perform tasks that replicate your normal work. Your sessions are designed for your unique needs, with duration equaling a typical workday for you (five to eight hours is the average). 

What are the benefits of work hardening therapy?

Some of the many specific benefits of the work hardening approach include:

  • Learning safer ways to do your job
  • Improving your physical endurance
  • Reducing pain
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Improving your overall body mechanics

The biggest benefit of work hardening therapy is that it can help you get back to your life, even if other approaches weren’t effective. 

How long does work hardening therapy take?

Just like a standard physical therapy program, work hardening therapy is highly personalized. Back To You Osteopractic Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can schedule your work hardening therapy around your current obligations, but it does require a significant time commitment. 

Most patients have work hardening therapy five days a week for at least a few weeks, which is the best way to quickly improve your condition and help you get back to normal. Your program may be different based on your situation, return-to-work goals, and lifestyle. 

To learn more about how you can get back to work fully functional, call the Back To You Osteopractic Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation office or click on the online scheduling link to schedule an evaluation now.