Back to You - Chiropractic treatment and services in Florida

Chiropractic care at Back to You takes a holistic approach that identifies the patient’s chief complain and treats it from the source. Our chiropractors find joints within the body that are restricted in a normal range of motion and release them through safe chiropractic adjustments. The main objective of chiropractic care is to get you better as fast as possible through a safe, conservative method. We pride ourselves on maximizing our patients’ full potential and excel at treating the entire individual. 

Who Can Treat? 

Our chiropractors have experience treating patient that are 1 day old to 99 years old. We have experience with professional, college, and amateur athletes. We trip people in traumatic experiences such as auto accidents or slip and falls. The chiropractor is always a good place to start treatment. Most issues resolve with chiropractor care; however, our chiropractors have the ability to refer to the correct physician to better treat your issue if you are not experiencing any improvement. 

Specialized Techniques: 

  • Diversified Technique 
  • Thompson Drop Technique 
  • Certified Extremity Adjusting 
  • Webster Certified (Prenatal)
  • Activator 
  • Rock Tape Certified 
  • FAKTR Certified 
  • Active Release Technique 


Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes! Chiropractic care if the safest and most conservative method of treatment for all musculoskeletal complaints. Our chiropractic care at Back to You is safe, gentle, and feels good. 

Do you take my insurance? 

We do not take insurance for chiropractic care at Back to You. Our adjustments are as much as an average co-pay. Most insurance companies have a high co-pay for chiropractic care. They also limit the number of treatments and the type of treatments you can do. Because we specialized in fixing your issue for the source, it’s in your best interest and our best interest to be out-of-network and fix your complaint as fast as we can. 

Will I be sore after treatment? 

Sometimes you can be sore after a chiropractic treatment when you first start. As chiropractors, we restore range of motion to joints that are attached to muscles. Sometimes these muscles like to pull the structure back into a restricted state. It is no different, then feeling sore after exercising. Usually, the soreness subsides after the first few visits.